Reverse Osmosis Technology.

Access to ultra pure water is a step closer to being a


Study paves the way for the next generation of portable water purification devices, which could provide relief to the 780 million people around the world who face every day without access to a clean water supply. Small portable purification devices are increasingly recognized as the best way to meet the needs of clean water and sanitation in developing countries and in remote locations, minimizing the risk of many serious diseases. The large industrialized purification plants we see in other parts of the world are just not practical -- they consume a large amount of energy and have high labor costs, making them very expensive to run. Reverse osmosis takes place when specific pressure is applied to a highly concentrated solute solution causing the solvent to pass through a membrane to the lower concentrated solution, leaving a higher concentrate of solute on one side, and only solvent on the other side. Reverse Osmosis is known as the most effective way to purify water globally with nano-filtration and ultra filtration coming in a close second and third respectively. A good Reverse osmosis system can remove contaminants such as arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, organic chemicals, and the municipal additive of fluoride. Some Advantages of using Reverse Osmosis: Friendly to the environment Minimal amount of power is required Can be used for domestic and industrial applications Removes dissolved minerals and other contaminants that cause water to smell unpleasant, taste poor and take on unusual colors. Great purified water taste Removal of dissolved minerals, metals and other particles benefits plumbing systems (There is nothing in the water to corrode pipes or collect as sediment.) Helps remove harmful bacteria and viruses in your municipal and borehole water systems. ""Membranes were able to filter out ions of vastly different sizes -- meaning they were able to remove salt, along with other impurities."
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Water Purity Worth Living For! 	Water Purity Worth Living For!
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How Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening Works