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ADVANTAGES OF USING DIALYSIS WATER TREATMENT (PTY) LTD OUR LIVE BY MOTTO TOWARDS OUR SYSTEMS IS; TOTALLY PRO ACTIVE WORKMANSHIP IN CONTRACTUAL CONTENTS WHEN UP HOLDING CLIENTS AGREEMENTS WITH DIGRESSION, CONFIDENTIALITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Sterilizing machines on a monthly basis. On a Reverse Osmosis Machine breakdown the Certain Dialysis Machines can be attended to whilst on-site, saving costings on another contractors. Working hand in hand with Dialysis Units and Treatment Plants. Save on Maintenance costs as only one trip will be charged. Preventative Maintenance on all Reverse Osmosis Clinics. All our products are purchased from a Certified Water Treatment Retailer designed for Food grade quality. Our Reverse Osmosis Plants hold a full Year, 8 hour per working day maintenance warranty. Friendly, presentable and outgoing with all staff employees, yet Focused on task at hand, Calculated on the solutions and Driven to attain all project completion deadlines.
Water Purity Worth Living For! 	Water Purity Worth Living For!
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